List of Horror Films Made by Brandyn AlyxanderEdit

The Black Bird SingingEdit

SUMMARY: A ghoulish woman is a mentor to a shape-shifting girl who has the spiritual animal of a black crow. 

STARRING: Tanedra Howard and Leighton Meester. 

Strange LustEdit

SUMMARY: Two homosexual teenage vampires are caught in a web of lies when they are forced to kill their potential lovers. 

STARRING: Brandyn Alexander and AnnaSophia Robb. 

Voices In Her HeadEdit

SUMMARY: A famous singer is hearing voices from an entity that she supposedly had rid herself of from her childhood. 

STARRING: Anne Hathaway, John Goodman, and Chris Hemsworth. 

Unnaturally SupernaturalEdit

SUMMARY: A saleswoman takes a deeper look into the people around her and discovers something supernatural. 

STARRING: Tanedra Howard, Alex Pettyfer, Abigail Spencer, Rooney Mara, and John Cho.